Facial Steamer
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Facial Steamer

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Our Ageless Facial Steamer is great for anyone at anytime. Not only does adding botanical herbs and oils to a facial steam create soothing aromatherapy effects, but also offers extra benefits by allowing the ingredients healing compounds to get right to the surface where they’re needed.

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Our Ageless blend is rich in antioxidants which can greatly prevent skin aging. With mild astringent agent's it helps to tone your skin naturally. The mint helps to retains the moisture in your skin by tightening the pores, Lastly, the rosebuds help remove dark spots and increase pore stability for overall healthier looking skin.

Ingredients: Chamomile, Rose Buds, Lavender, Red Gomphrena, Marshmallow Root, Mint, and Jasmine Buds.

This 4oz Facial Steam can be used all at once or multiple times if contents are mixed and replaced into container.

It’s recommend to do a facial steam weekly or bi-weekly, unless your sinuses are congested, in which case you can do it more regularly.