Summer Haze Natural Perfume
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Summer Haze Natural Perfume

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A natural, slow tinctured perfume inspired by summer.

An experience, that became an idea, that grew into an essential oil blend, that is now a tinctured natural perfume.

Summer Haze started as a walk along Dallas road on a summer’s day, vibrant yellow gorse flowers scenting the air with vanilla and caramel, a beach fire off in the distance adding a touch of smokiness, a Pacific Ocean sea salt mist back drop seasoning the breeze, children laughing, warm sun, sandy feet, a beach towel and a bottle of coconut sunscreen, and nothing to do for hours.

Summer Haze is inspired by all that is wonderful about those warm lazy days on the southern tip of coastal Vancouver island. It’s sweet, smoky, subtly spiced, resinous, and it sets you at ease in just the right way. It’s a long embrace at the end of a perfect day and the closest I have ever come to creating a scent blend filled with nostalgia for the dog days of Vancouver island summer.

A deeply layered and slowly aged scent made from a beautiful blend of whole resins, charred woods, and sustainably sourced essential oils, Summer Haze sits close to the skin and grows increasingly warm and sweet as the day (or night) unfolds. This perfume begins with notes of woodsy floral, white citrus, and salt. It morphs into a salty, smoky middle, before changing once more. Ending with resinous notes of warm, caramelized honey, soft fruit, and incense.

Scent profile: warm, resinous, balsamic, sweet, incense